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Crazy Life Crazy People

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Crazy Life, Crazy People

CLCP, otherwise know as Crazy Life Crazy People, is a Dutch skateboard brand founded by a group of passionate skateboarding friends in 2020.

Based in Zaandam, the urge to create and express a different take on the skateboarding scene kickstarted CLCP from an idea into a official brand whilst building and reuniting the skateboarding community in Zaanstad and beyond.
Giving a voice to a group that was not heard for a long time by organising interesting skate events, collaborating with creative people with amazing ideas and starting conversations between the municipality of Zaanstad and the skaters about the state of the skateparks.

Crazy Life Crazy People is all about realising crazy original and creative ideas in to products as well as never before thought of collaborations such as the “Zaanse Mayonaise” deck with Van Wijngaarden.

Why settle for normal if you can live a Crazy Life with Crazy People